Summary about Winslow Travel AB.

Winslow Travel AB is a travel company with extensive resources, founded in 2001. The employees of the company are qualified with experience from 50 years of the travelling industry alltogeather. We will assist you with travel services, both domestic and international.

We are also very well suited to provide you with assistance in arranging a trip or other types of activities, both in the region of Östergötland and the rest of Sweden. This service includes hotel reservations, transports, guided tours and other exiting activities.

Our competences range from the small family reunion to the big conference or congress.

Since we are a family company, personal service is never more than a phone call away.

Reliability is one of our highest priorities. Our suppliers are highly recognized and well recommended, charter companies, airlines, hotels, ferry- and bus-operators.

Winslow Travel AB has a given safety deposit to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, according to the Swedish law and is also a member of the Swedish Travel Association SRF.

TIDS code, Travel Industry Designator Serivce code 96078032, approved by IATA.