Winslow Travel Code of Conduct

This is to show what we expect from our suppliers, in Sweden and abroad.

1. Forced labour
Winslow Travel´s suppliers and their sub-contractors may not participate in, or benefit from, any form of forced labour including bonded labour, forced prison labour, slavery, servitude, or human trafficking.

The supplier must not withhold any part of any personnel’s salary, benefits, property or documents (e.g. identity cards and travel documents).

2. Child Labour 
Winslow Travel´s suppliers and their sub-contractors shall not engage in, or benefit from, the use of child labour. The minimum age for employment shall not be less than the age of completion of compulsory schooling.

3. Discrimination 
Winslow Travel´s suppliers shall not engage in or support discrimination on the basis of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, caste, national or social origin, property, birth, union affiliation, sexual orientation, health status, family responsibilities, age, and disability or other distinguishing characteristics.

4. Freedom of Union
Winslow Travel´s suppliers must not interfere with the workers’ rights to form and join unions or other associations of their own choosing, and to bargain collectively. Nor shall the supplier discourage membership of unions. Workers’ representatives shall not be subject to discrimination and shall be given access to employees at the workplace. The supplier must recognise elected workers’ representatives and bargain in good faith with them regarding all important concerns at the workplace.

5. Health and Safety 
Winslow Travel´s suppliers shall ensure that its workers are offered a safe and healthy working environment. Adequate health and safety policies and procedures must be established and followed.

The supplier shall provide its employees with the protective equipment and training necessary to perform their tasks safely. 

6. Wages and hiring 
Wages paid by Winslow Travel´s suppliers must meet or exceed legal minimums and/or industry standards. No illegal or unauthorised deductions from wages are allowed.

Working hours of the employees are to be kept in line with the legal requirements and / or industry standards.

The employees shall be granted their stipulated annual leave and sick leave without any form of repercussions.

Employees shall be granted their stipulated maternity/paternity leave and other rights in case of pregnancy. 

7. Environment
Winslow Travel encourages partners and suppliers to minimize their negative impact on the environment and we will favour partners who:

•    Have a written environmental policy

•    Have a management system demonstrating environmental commitment and improvement 

•    Increase energy efficiency and thereby minimize pollution and waste
•    Reduce use of natural resources including raw materials, energy and water

•    Promote the use of renewable energy through support of innovation and integration in operations

•    Minimize CO2-emission by using the most eco-friendly technologies possible in i.e. choice of transport, air conditioning, cleaning and laundry products

•    Increase waste recycling and reuse of equipment i.e. ask guests to reuse towels and linen etc.

•    Is certified by a recognized environmental-certification scheme

8. Culture preservation and animal protection
Winslow Travel aims at maintaining cultural relevance and supports responsible tourism. The suppliers and their sub-contractors shall not engage in, or benefit from, activities that compromises local cultures, customs, traditions, privacy or activities with wild animals. 

Winslow Travel encourages partners and suppliers to actively support local culture by:

•    Informing themselves and their guest on the culture, politics and economy of the communities visited

•    Involve local people were necessary in decisions that affect their lives and life chances

•    Contribute to intercultural understanding and tolerance

•    Supporting local economies by purchasing local goods

•    Favouring businesses that support the integrity of local cultures, heritage and traditions

•    Abandoning activities where animals are taken from the wild and used for entertainment purposes

9. Land rights and management
Before purchasing land, the supplier shall seek the prior and informed consent of all legal and/or customary owners.

The suppliers shall ensure that it does not participate in or benefit from improper forced relocations. The supplier shall adequately compensate inhabitants in legitimate relocations.

10. Promotion of sustainability
Winslow Travel knows that sustainability requires collaboration and invites all our suppliers to join the effort to promote sustainability and to actively do their utmost to achieve the standards outlined here. 

The supplier is encouraged to take steps to promote adherence to this Code of Conduct throughout their own supply chain. However, the supplier's sub-contractors are not bound by the terms of this Code of Conduct.